Curry Blake

General Overseer

Curry Blake is General Overseer of John G. Lake Ministries and is recognized around the world as a leading authority on Divine Healing, Charismatic Church History, and the life & ministry of John G Lake.


Chris & Margie Maguire

National Servants

Chris and Margie are approved DHT Trainers and serve the UK and Ireland. Together they pastor a Dominion Life Church in Oxfordshire UK.


Vitaly & Vitalina Voznuik

National Servants

Pastors Vitaly & Vitalina are approved DHT Trainers and National Servants for the country of Ukraine.


Peter & Dana Szlaurovi

National Servants

Pastors Peter & Dana are advancing the movement as National Servants for the Czech Republic and Slovakia.


Mekala Selwyn

State Servant

Mekala leads the way in Georgia as a State Servant. She is an approved DHT Trainer leading multiple LifeTeams accrossed the State.


Polina Minkovskaya

National Servant

Polina represents the movement in Belarus as an National Servant growing LifeTeams by practically and consistently doing the word.

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Tepu & Carin

Regional Servants

Tepu and Carin are approved DHT trainers. They lead LifeTeams and help to spread the message as North East India Servants, as India National Team Servants and oversee DBI for India.


Shota Yoda

National Servant

Shota serves as a leader in the Dominion Life Movement in Japan.


New Leader

State Servant




LifeTeam Overseer

George serves JGLM from Australia overseeing LifeTeams within the Dominion Life Movement. He is leading the charge with the vision to start and reproduce LifeTeams throughout the world. 


Marty & Brigit Nystrom

National Sevants

Brigit and Marty are approved DHT Trainers pushing the message forward in all of Canada representing the Dominion Life Movement as National Servants.

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Vitaly Khimich

Regional Servant & Russian Language

Vitaly is an approved DHT Trainer and serves as a Regional Leader for many western states in the US. Vitaly also serves as a leader for the Russian language and pastors a Dominion Life Church in Portland Oregon


Alexey Troukov

National Servant

Alexey is an approved DHT Trainer leading the movement in Russia as an National Servant. Alexey helps to oversee LifeTeams in Russia and pastors a Dominion Life Church in Krasnodar.


Jerry & Anita Orr

State Servants

Jerry & Anita are approved DHT Trainers. Together they lead LifeTeams in North Carolina representing the movement as State Servants.


Garth Wiebe

Regional Servant

Garth is an approved DHT Trainer and advances the movement as a Regional Servant starting and leading LifeTeams throughout the North Eastern States. 


Ulrich Fiehn

National Servant

Ulrich is leading LifeTeams in Mexico as well as serving Central and South America as a National leader for the Dominion Life Movement.


Hanh and Malcolm Hua

State Servant

Malcolm and Hua are serving the State of Texas helping to grow lifeteams and teach the DHT throughout the State.


John & Marie Gonzper

Regional Servants & Spanish Language

John & Marie are approved DHT Trainers as well as our Spanish Language Leaders. Together they pastor at Dominion Life Florida serving the southeastern United States as Regional Servants.


Tyrone & Mirjana Singh

Regional Servants

Tyrone & Mirjana are approved DHT Trainers, advancing the gospel work as Regional Servants in many countries of Western Mainland Europe and India.

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Igor Jeffimov

Regional Servant

Igor is an approved DHT Trainer and represents the movement as a Regional Servant for the Baltic Countries. He also pastors a Dominion Life Church in Estonia.


Jake & Christina Sannicandro

State Servants

Jake and Christina represent the movement as State Servants. They are approved DHT Trainers starting and leading LifeTeams throughout the State of Florida.


Ericka VanReenan

Regional Servant

Erika leads the movement in South Africa as an Regional Servant. By teaching the DHT in South Africa she has grown many LifeTeams in multiple cities across the country and throughout all of Africa.


Reuben & Jenny Yavny

Regional Servant

Reuben and Jenny started and reproduced multiple LifeTeams throughout Texas, as well as helping lead teams in Arkansas, Missouri, Colorado, New Mexico, Oklahoma, & Louisiana. 


Wee Seng Lim

National Servant

Wee Seng has started LifeTeams in Singapore serving as the National servant for the country and is part of the team helping advance the message in Asia.


Jason & Veena Hosia

State Servant

Jason & Veena are serving Alberta Canada helping to oversee the growth of new lifeteams and DHT Training seminars.