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The Dominion Life Movement is the sum total of all activities JGLM. The Dominion Life Movement is the living expression of the JGLM message shown forth in the lives of everyday believers embodying the principles of the Divine Healing Technician Training as a lifestyle, having adopted the mission of the message proclaimed through JGLM and it's trained leaders. Whether or not you are a Certified DHT, if you adhere to the word of dominion, healing, and having faith for others, you are a part of this movement. The purpose of the Dominion Life Movement is to bring the gospel of Jesus Christ and His dominion over all things to every creature throughout the earth. The Dominion Life Movement is propagated through every means of communication including training from our Dominion Bible Institute, LifeTeams and Dominion Life Churches. The Dominion Life Movement is not merely a name, it is to live out the gospel of Jesus Christ by overcoming every obstacle, achieving victory through every trial, and in every situation bringing glory to God through the overcoming victorious faith that exemplifies the dominion that God originally commanded us to walk in.

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LifeTeams are the heartbeat of the Dominion Life Movement. JGLM LifeTeams are small, rapidly multiplying units of believers that are working as a team with the purpose of reaching their city for Christ. The function of a JGLM LifeTeam is to assist Christians in growing up into Christ in all things by fulfilling the great commission and producing spiritually mature Christians in the shortest time possible.  The training of members takes place through teaching, study, and role-playing developing within each member a lifestyle of doing the great commission.

Dominion Bible Institute is Brother Curry's most in depth teaching covering a wide range of topics from intensive healing training, to a comprehensive study of the pioneers of faith who went before us. For those desiring to gain a thorough understanding of the Bible and those desiring to enter full-time ministry, this school will launch you towards maturity giving you a well rounded understanding of the whole counsel of God (Acts 20:27). LifeTeam Leaders will receive access to start Dominion Bible Institute for free. 

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Get Trained

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LifeTeams that successfully multiply have the opportunity to plant and grow into a Dominion Life Church in their city.  

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Brother Curry Blake and JGLM have spread the Dominion Life message throughout the world into many countries and languages. For languages other than English you will be able to visit the international page and connect with  leaders in the the Dominion Life Movement in your own language and region.

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