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Erika Van Reenan

LifeTeams of South Africa

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Erika grew up in a Pentecostal church being involved in various ministries, always searching for truth, in July 2017, Curry Blake came to teach a New Man seminar at the AFM Church we were attending. After these meetings Erika started gathering together with four friends each week to form a LifeTeam.  Two years from the start of their Lifeteam in Benoni there are now five Lifeteams and even more starting, all with leaders who are uncompromising and keeping the message pure. Erika and the LifeTeams in South Africa have a passion to set the captives free, loving God, loving people, and teaching others how to do so. Erika is also helping to lead other African countries launching study groups and LifeTeams as far as Kenya and Nigeria.

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